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I really hate feeling pathetic. In fact, I try to avoid feeling like this at all costs. Tonight though, given the way I stated I was feeling in my last post, I decided to seek it out for some reason and message a guy on a dating site that hasn’t responded to me in over 2 weeks even though he’s been online. I’m really just setting myself up for rejection here and I really don’t know why. Perhaps because I feel like this guy is currently my last feasible option. I’m really not sure. Technically there is an ex, an old ex, that I know I still have feelings for, strong ones at that, but I’ve been suppressing them like hell and just not hanging out with the kid anymore. I refuse to get myself into another situation like I did with my ex that we shall call V. I can’t make myself vulnerable like that again. Even though it would probably end differently, I just can’t.

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